Marine Biotechnology Conference 2019



12:00-13:00, Tue., 10th, Sep., Conference Room, Terrsa
Current research and market analysis of the worldwide-spreading and evolving omega-3 krill oil products
  • Krill Association
12:00-13:00, Tue., 10th, Sep., Training Room, Terrsa
International Young Researchers Session
Calling All Young Researchers: It is time to make a move!
  • Professor Yonathan Zohar (Chair, Department of Marine Biotechnology and Director, Aquaculture Research Center, Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, University of Maryland, USA.)
  • Seminar flyer
12:00-13:00, Wed., 11th, Sep., Conference Room, Terrsa
Marine Vitamin and Preventive Medicine
  • Yaizu Suisankagaku Industry Co., Ltd.
12:00-13:00, Wed., 11th, Sep., Training Room, Terrsa
Shimadzu Luncheon Seminar for MBC2019
 (1)MALDI-MS proteotyping of marine bacteria
 (2)Statistical Analysis Software: eMSTAT Solution
  • Shimadzu Corporation
12:00-13:00, Thu., 12th, Sep., Conference Room, Terrsa
Ecological Research Project on Sakura Shrimp(Sergi a lucens) in Suruga Bay
by MICCS(Marine Industry Cluster Council of Shizuoka City)
    (Marine Industry Cluster Council of Shizuoka City)
12:00-13:00, Thu., 12th, Sep., Training Room, Terrsa
Introduction of cutting-edge genomics startups in Japan
  • OriCiro Genomics, Inc.
    "Cell-free assembly and amplification of genome-scale DNA"
  • bitBiome, Inc.
    "Single-cell resolution analysis of marine microbiome"