Marine Biotechnology Conference 2019


Plenary Lecture

9:00-10:00, Tue., 10th, Sep., Main Hall, Marinart
The G20 Osaka Blue Ocean Vision and the Future of the Ocean
  • Atsushi Sunami
    (President, Executive Director of Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI) of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation)
Creating the Model for the Global Goals of Ocean in Monterey as a hub of government private partnership
  • Margaret Spring
    (Vice President of Conservation and Science and Chief Conservation Officer, Monterey Bay Aquarium)
9:00-9:40, Wed., 11th, Sep., Main Hall, Marinart
Nobody knows the environmental fate of plastic garbage
  • Shuhei Tanaka
    (Associate Professor of Department of Technology and Ecology, Kyoto University)
9:00-9:40, Thu., 12th, Sep., Main Hall, Marinart
Production of New Breeds in Aquaculture Fish with Genome Editing Technology
  • Masato Kinoshita
    (Assistant Professor of Kyoto University)

Night Plenary Lecture

18:30-19:10, Wed., 11th, Sep., Conference Room, Terrsa
Environmental DNA metabarcoding: a new biodiversity monitoring method that enables a data-driven approach for fish community research
  • Masaki Miya
    (Director of Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Natural History Museum & Institute, Chiba)
18:30-19:10, Wed., 11th, Sep., Training Room, Terrsa
  • Daniel Chourrout
    (Professor, Director of Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, University of Bergen)
18:30-19:10, Thu., 12th, Sep., Conference Room, Terrsa
Genetic Engineering in Aquaculture
  • John Buchanan
    (President/CEO for the Center for Aquaculture Technologies)
18:30-19:10, Thu., 12th, Sep., Training Room, Terrsa
Graph-theoretical approaches to (meta)genomics: unleashing the power of short, accurate reads for biotechnological applications
  • Jean-François Flot
    (Associate Professor of Evolutionary Biology & Ecology, Université libre de Bruxelles)

Session Invited speaker

Session 1 13:30-16:00, Tue., 10th, Sep., Main Hall, Marinart
Disease and Immunology in Aquaculture
  • Anchalee Tassanakajon
    (Center of Excellence for Molecular Biology and Genomics of Shrimp, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University)
    "Heat shock proteins and their roles in the innate immune response of shrimp against pathogen infections"
Session2 13:30-16:00, Tue., 10th, Sep., Sub Hall, Marinart
Blue Innovation, Science to Policy
  • Chris Bowler
    (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Section, Institut de Biologie de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure (IBENS))
    "Tara Oceans: Eco-Systems Biology at Planetary Scale"
  • Takashi Gojobori
    (Distinguished Professor of Computational Bioscience Research Center, Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST))
    "Perspectives of Sustainable Marine Environments from Metagenomics Studies"
  • Masanori Miyahara
    (Director of The National Research and Development Agency, Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency (FRA))
    "Science to Policy: Fishery Policy Reform in Japan"
  • Fumio Inagaki
    (Mantle Drilling Promotion Office, Institute for Marine-Earth Exploration and Engineering, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC))
    "Exploring the deep biosphere beneath the ocean: Perspective on planetary habitability"
  • Tomohiro Tsunoda
    (Senior Research Fellow of Ocean Policy Research Institute (OPRI), Sasakawa Peace Foundation)
    "International discussions of marine biodiversity within the UN system"
Session 3 13:30-16:00, Tue., 10th, Sep., Conference Room, Terrsa
Algal Biotechnology
  • EonSeon Jin
    (Professor of Department of Life Science, Hanyang University)
    "Stain development of microalgae by use of precise genome editing method for pharmaceutical application"
  • Tatsuya Sugawara
    (Professor of Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University)
    "Nutraceutical potential of siphonaxanthin from green algae"
Session 4 13:30-16:00, Tue., 10th, Sep., Training Room, Terrsa
Natural Products from Marine Bioresources
  • Shigeki Matsunaga
    (Professor of Department of Aquatic Bioscience, The University of Tokyo)
    "Biologically active sponge metabolites isolated through cell-based assays"
  • Toshio Nishikawa
    (Professor of Laboratory of Organic Chemistry Graduate School of Bioagricultrural Sciences, Nagoya University)
    "Synthesis and Biological Activities of Aplysiatoxin/Oscillatoxin Marine Natural Products"
  • Ryuichi Sakai
    (Professor of Faculty and Graduate School of Fisheries Science, Hokkaido University)
    "Soritesidine, a potent genotoxin form the marine sponge Spongosorites sp."
  • Taifo Mahmud
    (Professor of Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Oregon State University)
    "Biotechnology of Marine Sunscreens"
Session 5 13:30-16:00, Wed., 11th, Sep., Main Hall, Marinart
Reproductive and Developmental Technology in Aquaculture
  • Amir Sagi
    (Distinguished Professor of Department of Life Sciences and the National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev Ben Gurion University)
    "IAG-switch-based monosex culture biotechnologies in decapod crustaceans"
Session 6 13:30-16:00, Wed., 11th, Sep., Sub Hall, Marinart
New Analysis for Microbiol Community: Metagenomics to Single Cell Analysis
  • Jörn Piel
    (Professor in Institute of Microbiology, Department of Biology, ETH Zurich)
    "Identifying new chemical resources from uncultivated life with metagenomic and single-cell techniques"
  • Katsuhiko Mineta
    (Senior Research Scientist of Computational Bioscience Research Center, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology)
    "The challenge of bioprospecting by the metagenomics approach in the Red Sea"
Session 7 13:30-16:00, Wed., 11th, Sep., Conference Room, Terrsa
Marine Biotechnology for Environmental Conservation
  • Jason Hall-Spencer
    (Professor of School of Biological and Marine Sciences, University of Plymouth)
    "Effects of ocean acidification and warming in Asia"
Session 8 13:30-16:00, Wed., 11th, Sep., Training Room, Terrsa
Marine Functional Foods
  • Joseph R. Hibbeln
    (USPHS Acting Chief of Section on Nutritional Neurosciences LMBB, NIAAA, NIH)
    "Seafood in neurodevelopment and neurological health"
  • Kei Hamazaki
    (Associate Professor of Department of Public Health, University of Toyama)
    "Importance of dietary omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids"
Session 9 13:30-16:00, Thu., 12th, Sep., Main Hall, Marinart
Innovative Approach to Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries I
-Fusion of molecular genetics and developmental biotechnology-
  • John Hickey
    (Professor of Animal Breeding, The Roslin Institute and The Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, The University of Edinburgh)
    "A Strategy To Exploit Surrogate Sire Technology in Livestock Breeding Programs"
  • Ina Dobrinski
    (Professor of Department of Comparative Biology & Experimental Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary)
    "Germline gene editing in agricultural animals"
Session 10 13:30-16:00, Thu., 12th, Sep., Sub Hall, Marinart
Marine Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Claire Hellio
    (Professor of LEMAR laboratory, European Institute for Marine Studies (IUEM))
    "From chemical ecology to marine biotechnology: development of innovative and added-value formulation"
  • Shawn E McGlynn
    (Associate Professor of Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
    "New insights into microbial iron cycling at a marine ferrous carbonate hot spring"
Session 11 13:30-16:00, Thu., 12th, Sep., Conference Room, Terrsa
Marine Genomics and Bioinformatics
  • Martin C. Frith
    (Senior Researcher of Artificial Intelligence Research Center, AIST)
    "Some key concepts for meaningful sequence comparison"
  • Atsuko Sato
    (Assistant Professor of Department of Biology, Ochanomizu University)
    "Transcriptome analysis investigating maternal factors involved in developmental buffering"
  • J. Sook Chung
    (Professor of Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science)
    "Cracking the genetic code of the blue crab, Callinectes sapidus"
Session 12 13:30-16:00, Thu., 12th, Sep., Training Room, Terrsa
Biogenic Materials and Mineralization
  • Kenneth H. Nealson
    (Professor of Department of Earth Sciences, University of Southern California)
    "Bacterial Formation and Dissolution of Insoluble Metal Complexes, and its Impact on the Global Cycling and Distribution of Iron and Manganese"
  • Yoriko Tominaga
    (Lecturer of Department of Quantum Matter, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University)
    "Crystallinity of biogenic compound semiconductors"
  • Sarah S. Staniland
    (Reader in Bionanoscience, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield)
Session 13 9:30-12:00, Fri., 13th, Sep., Sub Hall, Marinart
Energy and Material Recycle by Marine Biotechnology
  • Rene H. Wijffels
    (Professor of Department of Agrotechnology and Food Sciences, Wageningen University & Research)
    "Towards industrial production of microalgae"
  • Wei Zhang
    (Professor of Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development, College of Medicine and Public Health, Flinders University)
    "Biorefinery of lobster processing co-products for a comprehensive recovery of multiple functional products"
  • David Kisailus
    (Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, University of California)
    "Biological Synthesis and Mechanics of Ecologically Diverse Ultrahard Teeth of Chitons"
  • Kanji Hori
    (Professor of Marine Bioresource Chemistry, Hiroshima University)
    "Potential of algal lectins as functional materials"
  • Tomoo Sawabe
    (Professor of Department of Aquaculture Life Science, Hokkaido University)
Session 14 9:30-12:00, Fri., 13th, Sep., Conference Room, Terrsa
Innovative Approach to Sustainable Aquaculture and Fisheries Ⅱ
-New trends of feed nutrients and pre/probiotics for sustainable aquaculture-
  • Nyan Taw
    (Senior Advisor of Myanmar Fisheries Federation (MFF) Yangon)
    "Shrimp Farming Systems using Biofloc and RAS Technologies for Sustainable Production"
  • Douglas Tocher
    (Professor of Molecular Nutrition, Institute of Aquaculture, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Stirling)
    "Engineering Camelina sativa as a novel de novo source of marine omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids"
Session 15 9:30-12:00, Fri., 13th, Sep., Training Room, Terrsa
Marine Symbiosis & Ecology
  • Masanori Toyofuku
    (Associate Professor of Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba)
    "How do bacteria "really" communicate?"
  • Sandie Degnan
    (Associate Professor of School of Biological Sciences, The University of Queensland)
    "Ecogenomics of a coral reef sponge-bacterial symbiosis"