Marine Biotechnology Conference 2019


For poster presenting students

At MBC2019 conference, poster presenter students should present both in "Flash Presentation" and "Poster Session". The purpose of Flash presentation (short oral presentation) is to motivate the audience to visit the poster during succeeding Poster Session. Each presentation is strictly limited to 2 minutes and no extension is allowed.

Flash Presentation gives only a brief overview of every poster. Therefore, each presenter should NOT talk all information on the poster. The content of the slides (maximum of two) is recommended to contain only the title, author names, and one or two attractive images which raise curiosity of the audience. In-depth discussions will be held during the Poster Session.

For smooth progress of Flash Presentation session, the PowerPoint presentation file with at most two slides will be collected from every presenter by mbc2019 secretariat before Flash Presentation session and copied to a single PC. Details will be announced later.